2024-2025 Polytechnic of Namibia Registration

2024-2025 Polytechnic of Namibia Registration

Online-registration is only available for existing NUST students who are continuing their studies in the same programme of studies. You can register from anywhere, at any day and time.

NUST Registration Procedure


Step 1: Log on to www.nust.na and follow the E-NUST Tab. Click on STUDENT KIOSK and insert your student number and pin number.

Step 2: Read the Rules & Regulations as well as Declaration of Agreement and click on the “I Accept” button. The acceptance of the “Rules & Regulations? and “Declaration and Agreement? is mandatory and serves as your electronic signature. The indicator is stored on your Student File and can be used as a Legal Agreement in a dispute / disciplinary matter.

Step 3 : Click on “Add subjects to a registration”, select the subjects you want to register for and click on “Save & Continue”. Returning students registering for the first time MUST contact their Faculty Officer to register them for the qualification before they can proceed.

Step 4 : Select the mode of studies and click on “Save and Continue”. First Year Students can ONLY register for the mode of studies they were registered for in the 1st Semester 2017.

Step 5 : Make sure your registration details are correct and click on “Accept Registration”.

Step 6 : Make sure your Proof of Registration is correct. Double check the following: Year of Studies, courses registered for, Mode of studies, Fees charged etc. Print your Proof of Registration.

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1.All students with courses/subjects on DISTANCE mode, MUST collect their study material before or on 07 July 2017 from CoLL Main Campus or their Regional Centres.

2.If a subject does not appear on the system, send an email to facultyofficers@nust.na .

3.Cancellations can be done on the Student Kiosk by following the Cancellation tab. Deadline of cancellation of a programme / course with 100% refund: 04 August 2017.

4.Adding of a course (subject) on full- or part-time can be done on the Student Kiosk until 04 August 2017. Distanceeducation students must contact the COLL office since adding a course on distance mode will depend on the availability of study material.

5.Changing Mode of studies of a course: To full-time or part-time: Download and complete an amendment form. To Distance: See Ms. Y. Tjizumaue at CoLL.

6.For enquires, contact: Email: admissions@nust.na

Tel: 061-2072056.

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Note : The Polytechnic of Namibia is synonymous to the Namibia University of Science and Technology ( NUST )
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