Polytechnic of Namibia International Relations

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Polytechnic of Namibia International Relations

Polytechnic of Namibia International Relations

Polytechnic of Namibia International Relations

International Relations

This section supports the development of the transformation of the Polytechnic into Namibia’s internationally recognized ‘university of science and technology’ through the Internationalization Strategy.

The International Relations Strategy

Internationalization refers to the introduction of an international character at the NUST through the implementation of international perspectives, attributes and activities into the qualifications, research and services. Planning and International Relations, in cooperation with the different Schools, Departments, Units and Centers developed and implemented an Institutional Internationalization Strategy. Each of these entities participates and regularly contributes to the development of the plan. Deans, Heads of Department, Managers and Directors are responsible for setting targets and formulating strategies for the internationalization of teaching, learning, research and services within their respective departments. Planning and International Relations integrates the departmental plans into an institutional plan and drives its implementation.
In pursuit of its Vision, the NUST pursues specific internationalization strategies. These are closely tied to the goals articulated in the NUST Strategic Plan:
1. Expanding, developing and maintaining international partnerships
2. Hosts visiting scholars and faculty;
3. Supporting international research and dialogue;
4. Recruiting highly qualified faculty and staff globally;
5. Organizing public lectures by both international and public speakers on current issues;
6. Hosting exchange students and interns
7. Offering programs on campus to foster appreciation and understanding for cultural diversity and understanding.

International Partnerships

The NUST has several international partnerships (IP). IP’s are institutions with whom formal Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s) have been signed. The NUST has over 80 reciprocal international partnerships. Each partnership contributes to specific institutional objectives and is instrumental in contributing to the international standards and recognition of the institution and Namibia.

Criteria for Successful Partnerships

Successful and sustainable partnerships must incorporate key elements. As a leading academic institution, the NUST considers the following criteria when evaluating the sustainability of prospective partners:
• Compatibility in terms of focus, qualifications, research and service;
• Capacity to build on the strengths of participating Departments or Units, enhance the quality of the teaching and learning environment and contribute to the creation of centers of excellence in the individual Departments;
• Ability to enhance the profile and international prestige of the Institution;
• Commitment to cooperate at institutional, departmental, faculty and staff levels;
• The affordability, visibility and sustainability of proposed activities; and
• Mutual benefit and equality.

International Scholars

Fulbright Scholars: The NUST has been annually fortunate to receive and host visiting scholars, through the Fulbright Program . Between 2002 and 2009, nine Fulbright scholars have lectured and assisted with curriculum and staff development at the NUST.
English Language Fellows: Through the English Language Fellow Program, language professionals assist the institution to specifically develop English Language teaching programs.
Visiting Professors: Through the institution’s partnerships, faculty exchange takes place on a regular basis. Visiting professors assist with lecturing and curriculum and staff development. Joint as well as individual research is also facilitated.

International Students

All students who are not Namibian citizens or permanent residents are regarded as international students. They include Full Degree International Students (FDI’s), exchange students, interns and study abroad students. To date the institution hosted total of 189 (to be verified) international students of which 15 (to be verified) were exchange students. Students from all over of the world attend the Namibia University of Science and Technology and the different nationalities include

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