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2021-2022 NAMCOL Application | Namibian College of Open Learning

2021-2022 NAMCOL Application | Namibian College of Open Learning

Namibian College of Open Learning Admissions

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NAMCOL Application forms 2021-2022

NAMCOL Contact Address

NAMCOL Courses Offered

NAMCOL Admission Requirments

NAMCOL International Admissions

NAMCOL Registration

NAMCOL Registration Dates 2021-2022

NAMCOL Prospectus 2021-2022

NAMCOL Assignments

NAMCOL Fees Structure

NAMCOL Examination Booklet

NAMCOL Vacancies

NAMCOL Mock Examinations

NAMCOL Examination Papers Grade 12

NAMCOL Past Examination Papers Grade 10

NAMCOL Examination Results

NAMCOL Head Office Contact Details


NAMCOL Center Contacts

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  1. Hi i fail my grade 10 in 2015 at Dr Romanus Kampungu SSS thn i went to NAMCOL 2016 and 2017 i have 22points naw cn i nat qualified in matured study at UNAM advise mi please…

  2. I failed my grade 10 in 2006 with 19 points and went to namcol I then got 21 points overall, can I do grade 12 in 2019 with minimum 3 subjects per year.

    Education is the key for my success, please advise.

  3. Hi there! I need i big help im having grade 10 with 26 point i need to study for need year please with field must i take please.. which one that will take me quick coz i need to study.


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