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NSFAF Loans | Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund

Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund Loans


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Loans are financial award given by the NSFAF. It’s expected to be repaid by the student. They do include technical assistance or other forms of financial assistance such as a loan or loan guarantee. Namibian students are eligible for these loans. They can further their selected education programs with the help of these funding opportunities. Loans are given to the programs which are not listed among the programs which can be given as grants.
All the programs which are not listed among the categories of grants are loans.
The NSFAF Office

51-52 Werner List Street, Gutenberg Plaza, 2nd Floor, Windhoek – Namibia P.O. Box 23053, Windhoek
+ 264 61 420 600

The Student Care Center

+264 61 420 681 / +264 61 420 682 / +264 61 420 684

Business Hours