Rhodes University Makabongwe Ndzwayiba Scholarship 

Rhodes University Makabongwe Ndzwayiba Scholarship

This Scholarship was established in 2012 by the Vice-Chancellor in memory of the late Makabongwe Ndzwayiba who passed away after a long and courageous battle against cancer. He spent three very successful years in Winchester House, Allan Webb Hall at Rhodes University. An outstanding student, a sub-warden and Community Engagement representative, Makabongwe was an inspiration to all who came to know him.

Makabongwe Ndzwayiba Scholarship Application Form

Makabongwe Ndzwayiba Scholarship poster  

This Scholarship will be awarded to support a student at Rhodes who, in the spirit of Makabongwe, has courageously overcome significant hardships.

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Field/ level of study:  Honours in Economics at Rhodes University.

Eligibility: Acceptance for Honours in Economics, proven financial need, demonstrable hardships overcome and leadership in assisting in the “upliftment” of local communities.

Value: Variable, up to a maximum of R30 000 per annum.

Citizenship: Open to all citizens

Application procedure:              

  1.  Attached application form to be completed and submitted back to office as a hard copy.
  2. Please provide a CV and full academic transcript with this application.
  3. Referee report in support of your involvement in the “upliftment” of local communities

The Postgraduate Financial Aid, Research Office,
Room 205/206, Main Admin,
Rhodes University, P O Box 94 Grahamstown, 6140
Tel: 046- 603 8755
e-mail: pgfunding@ru.ac.za

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