This new coin issue is causing great excitement all around the world. There is already massive interest in the United States the primary market that the S A Mint is offering these coins to. The Krugerrand is the world’s most successful bullion coin and is one of the most powerful brand names on the planet. There is a very significant coin market in the United States valued at billions and billions of dollars. We expect see a very rapid escalation in the prices of these coins within the first year. When you are buying coins you simply cannot loose when you get them at issue price. There is literally only one place for them to go, up, up and up!

If you were to try and buy the first year of issue of the Krugerrand which was minted in 1967 that would cost you a premium over the regular Krugerrand price. The first year of issue for a proof Krugerrand was 1968 and they minted only 1 048 of those coins. They sell for around R100 000 a coin today with the more recently struck proof krugerrands selling for around R20 000. In 1967 a Krugerrand would have cost you R27 and in 1968 a proof Krugerrand would have cost you R35.

Coins have always been a remarkably profitable investment worldwide. Had you invested R25 000 in the 1968 proof krugerrands they would be worth approximately R71.4 million on today’s market. There is also a very important consideration to think about on these coins and that is their profits are completely tax free. In South Africa collectors coins are tax free. That means that if you make one million rand profit when you sell these coins that is what you get to keep. There are very few investments that offer the unique combination of high returns and also being a tax free instrument. This is an opportunity that is simply too good to miss.

We are offering the Proof 70 2017 Krugerrands at an issue price of R15 000 and we are offering the Proof 69’s at R7 500. We are offering the ordinary strikes of the 2017 silver Krugerrands at the issue prices of MS-66 R1 750, MS-67 R2 500 and the MS-68’s at R9 500. The smartest investment strategy with these coins is to buy blocks of them in R100 000, R50 000 and R25 000 investment amounts. This will allow you to dispose of them in the future at significant profits tax free.

The last time that the S A Mint offered investors and collectors such a great coin investment opportunity was with minting the 2008 90th Birthday Mandela R5 coins. In 2008 they minted five million of the ordinary coins and a mere five thousand of the proof coins. The proof 70 coins had an issue price of R50 000 and were selling in only a few years for R275 000. The proof 69’s had an issue price of R25 000 and were selling at the peak of the market at R75 000. The MS-68 coins were offered at an issue price of R15 000 and reached a peak price of R100 000 a coin. The key investment strategy is to do a block investment of R250 000, R100 000, R50 000 or R25 000.

If you buy ten of the proof 70’s at R15 000 that would be an investment of R150 000. Should these coins be worth R100 000 in the future which is almost a dead certainty. That would make your R150 000 capital outlay worth a cool million rand. Where else could you possibly envisage investing R150 000 and realistically turning that amount into a million rand with such upside potential. Then in addition to that also having the added advantage of being able to sell them tax free.

You could also double up and invest R300 000 in proof 70’s. That would mean that when the prices were at R100 000 a unit that you would have a two million rand investment, tax free. With the limited mintage of 15 000 we expect the proof 70 versions of these coins to sell for R500 000 over the medium term. Should you have invested R150 000 by buying ten of them at the low issue price of R15 000 that would make your investment worth a considerable R5 000 000, tax free. You could use that money to buy a house or settle you bond in cash.

These coins have a global market and as with all coins are valued in US dollars. That means that you do not have to worry about the currency erosion that we experience in South Africa. There will never ever be another first year of issue for these coins. The first year of issue for the Krugerrand was fifty years ago. The S A Mint decided to mint the silver krugerrands to commemorate the minting of the krugerrand fifty years ago. When our rand falls all of your domestic assets fall in real estate and other areas and they do not immediately go up by the same percentage of the rands loss. That means your domestic assets are falling behind international investors in first world countries. These coins are therefore the perfect rand hedge to add to your portfolio.

All coins are globally traded and have a corresponding dollar value everywhere. They are also very portable and coins are shipped all over the world all the time. They are also classified as a hard asset. That is to mean to say that they offer security to investors and also collectors when the markets are going through turmoil.