Ministry of Defence Vacancies in Namibia

Ministry of Defence Vacancies in Namibia

Details on Ministry of Defence Vacancies in Namibia 

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21 thoughts on “Ministry of Defence Vacancies in Namibia”

  1. Please contact me at my number 0813065681 am really interested in protectoin

  2. I Ndjwaki Sebastian 34 years interested joining your dynamic team as a soldier. my contact details here bellow cell 0817941707. please contact me where and when the NDF post will be available .

  3. hi, my name is Kalaluka Kwibisa would like to apply for ministry of defense as my dad was to serve the nation. please notify me if any news will come in on 0816905395

  4. Good day I am John,please alert me when the job for defense force will be out , I am very much interested to protect and serve my country. 0813938255 is my number

  5. Hi my name is Lucia JOEL I am looking for cleaning job in ur office..I am any orphan tht my father end mothers die in war My contact number 0812068572

  6. Good day! My Name is Natasha Nguherimo…i would like to apply for next intake if he opportunity arises in the Ministry of Defense, to serve and protect my country.
    my contact 0813134478/0812591915

  7. Good morning I want to join NDF please inform me on the next intake I lunza mupindi contact me on 0816939414

  8. Good day when is the vacances for NDF will come out

  9. Good day, my name is Lispa, I have a grade 12 certificate and a diploma in office administration will i qualify for NDF


    Good day
    when will the applicant from Namibian Defence Force so be,please inform me.

    thank you

    • Good morning my name is Erastus Paulus when is application form for NDF coming out? Please inform me am interested in protectoin

    • I Martha Actopher I want to join NDF, and when will be the form available to us?let me know thank you for sharing information


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