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University of Namibia UNAM Academic Calendar 2021-2022

University of Namibia UNAM Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Academic Calendar 2019

First Semester
7 Jan.

Start of Summer Term (Until 26 January)

10 Jan.

University opens

22 Jan.

Academic staff resumes office duties

4 Feb.

Lectures commence for first Semester

18 Mar.

first Semester break starts

25 Mar.

Lectures commence after first Semester break

8 May.

Lectures end for first semester

14 May.

Regular Examinations commence (Semester 1 modules)

5 Jun.

Regular Examinations end

13 Jun.

Supplementary/ Special Examinations

21 Jun.

End of 1st Semester

24 Jun.

Start of Winter Term

1 Jul. – 5 Jul.

Mid-year recess

Second Semester
15 Jul.

Lectures commence for second semester

27 Aug.

Second Semester break starts

2 Sep.

Lectures resume after second Semester break

16 Oct.

Lectures end for second semester

22 Oct.

Regular Examinations Commence (Semester 2 and Double Modules)

12 Nov.

Regular Examinations End

20 Nov.

Supplementary/ Special Examinations

29 Nov.

End of 2nd semester

13 Dec.

Academic Year Ends & University Closes

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