Stellenbosch University Bursaries ,Loans and Scholarships

Stellenbosch University Bursaries , Loans and Scholarships

Stellenbosch University Sport Bursaries

A number of special bursaries are available for those who have excelled at sport. You may obtain further details of these bursaries from Maties Sport at 021 808 4642 or The Sports bursaries are not included in the Bursaries and Loans Yearbook.

Stellenbosch University Merit bursaries for first-year stude​nts

Merit bursaries are awarded according to grade 12 aggregates in the following categories of achievement:

  • 85% to 89.9%
  • 90% and higher

You will be awarded a merit bursary if you obtain a grade 12 average of 85% or more (excluding Life Orientation) in the final exams. Merit bursaries are calculated as a percentage of the tuition fee by means of a sliding scale, with the smallest rebate for the lowest category (85%+) and the biggest rebate for the highest category (90%+). The rebate for the category 85% to 89,9% will be at least 40%, increasing in the following category.

Merit bursaries are awarded automatically; however, grade 12 learners who have taken their examination with a body other than a provincial department of education have to apply for a merit bursary.

a)Merit awards

Date for granting merit bursaries

Please note that merit bursaries are awarded in April.

Calculating and granting merit bursaries

In respect of First-year Merit Bursaries, the criterion used is the actual average of a prospective student’s final Grade 12 exam results (calculated based on a combination of the six best subjects required to gain admission to Baccalaureus studies at a university, excluding Life Orientation and Mathematics Paper 3), as indicated by the respective education departments. Merit Bursaries are calculated as a percentage of tuition fees.

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Following registration and once results have been announced, an algorithm with a given budget amount and fixed budget parameters is used to calculate the amounts to be allocated.

The calculated amounts are then automatically transferred to the beneficiaries’ student accounts.

The following scale is applicable to first-year merit bursaries:

Matric average

% rebate on basic tuition fees

(excluding module costs)


– 89%

40% (guarantee)


– 95%

> 40%

95% and higher


The % rebate will depend on the number of qualifying cnadidates and the amount available for merit bursaries.

Please note

First-year students that completed their school end exams oustide a provincial education- department (exluding IEB examination), must submit a certified copy of their final Grade 12-exam results to the Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans.

The onus rests on the student to verify by June of the specific academic year in which they are entitled to a merit bursary whether the bursary is indicated on their student fees account.

If the latter are not reflected, they must notify the Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans before the end of August; otherwise they forfeit their claim to a merit bursary.

Cancellation of merit bursaries

The merit bursaries of students who discontinues their studies in the first semester, will be cancelled.

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Merit bursaries to students that studied at other institutions

Students who studied at other institutions, do not qualify for First-year Merit Bursaries, but can be considered for Senior Merit Bursaries if their weighted average was 75% or higher.

These students should submit their results to the Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans.

b)Sport bursaries

First-year students who have superior sporting achievements to their credit are eligible for a range of special bursaries that are not listed in this book. For more information, please contact Maties Sport, tel. 021 808 4642.

c)“Three Children” Rebate

The University gives a 10% rebate on tuition fees where three or more children from the same family are studying at the University simultaneously.

Stellenbosch University Continuation of Recruitment Bursaries for current students

Follow this link to view the continuation criteria for current Recruitment Bursary students.

Bursary loans for financially needy students


The University also offers bursary loans for needy students.


To ensure that your application for  financial assistance is considered by Stellenbosch University and NSFAS, we encourage all students to apply at both institutions. (Please note: NSFAS funding is not guaranteed, thus it is crucial that all students apply at the Stellenbosch University for financial assistance)

Follow the NSFAS link:​

Remember: A bursary loan is not the same as a bursary. A bursary refers to money that you do not have to repay, except if you discontinue your studies. A Bursary loan (for example SU or NSFAS bursary loans) is money that you have to repay after completing or upon discontinuation of your studies.

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Stellenbosch University Undergraduate Bursaries

As a rule, applicants for the bursaries/scholarships described in this Section must be prospective or registered students of Stellenbosch University Bursary(SU). The exceptions to this rule will be clear from the descriptions given.

SU advises its students and prospective students to consult the relevant particulars in this Section before requesting copies of the prescribed forms for bursary applications.

All applications must be done online on, or with the company or trust concerned. All undergraduate applications administered by the University should reach the Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans before the relevant closing date of 31 August.

Closing dates for private organisations or companies may vary from that of the University.

In some instances the value of a bursary may vary year on year. In such cases, the value has not been specified.

List of Stellenbosch University Undergraduate Bursaries


University of Stellenbosch NSFAS Online Application

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List of Other University of Stellenbosch Bursaries , Loans and Scholarships

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