South Cape FET College Bursaries

South Cape FET College Bursaries


South Cape TVET College offers DHET NSFAS bursaries to their students. These bursaries are not administrated or allocated by South Cape TVET College. The College assists students with the completion and submission of documents. Allocation of funds are done by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme.

If you want to apply for a NSFAS bursary you will have to bring the following CERTIFIED documents to your nearest campus where a Bursary Officer will assist you.

 1. All documents must be certified. (Certified copies must not be older than 3 months).
2. **If you are under the age of 18 or if you are 18 and older and are still dependent on your parents/legal guardian, then this also applies for you.
 1  Certified copy of your latest School Results.  2
 2  Proof of current Qualification Registration  1
 3  If you have been exempted from paying school fees, please provide a letter from the school that you have been exempted.  2
 4  Certified copy of your Identity Document or Certified copy of your birth certificate if you do not have green bar coded ID.  1
 5  **Certified copy of Identity Document of each household member including parent(s) or legal guardian.  1
 6 Proof of residential address of the student – account statement in students’ name or alternatively an affidavit confirming the proof of the students’ address.  1
 7  Proof of residential address of parents/legal guardian– such as water and electricity accounts or other accounts alternatively an affidavit confirming the proof of the parents’ address.  1
 8  Proof of student bank account.
(Bank statement or letter from the bank where you have your account)
 9  Proof of income of all members of the household. This include any income received from SASSA grants, Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or any retirement, life, disability or other benefits paid as a lump sum or in monthly payments.
**Certified copy of recent payslip, letter of employment, (not older than three months) of each of your parents or person who supports you or your legal guardian or yourself if you are employed.
 10  **If your parents/ legal guardian or the person who supports you, are retired, please provide a copy of an official pension slip or bank statement showing payment of the pension. (where applicable)  1
 11  **If your parent(s) / legal guardian / the person who supports you, is self-employed, please provide an affidavit signed by them to confirm this. (where applicable)  1
 12  If you are supported by someone who is not your parent or legal guardian, please provide an affidavit. (where applicable)  1
 13  **Certified copy of a SASSA letter if any of your family members are receiving a social grant and also contributes financially to your household income. (where applicable) This is also applicable to your legal guardian.  1
 14  **If you have indicated that a dependant in your household is a student, please provide Proof of Registration or Acceptance at the relevant institution. (where applicable)  1
 15  If you have a disability, please complete the supporting documents Annexure A and Annexure B and submit them with your application form. (where applicable)  1
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Each South Cape TVET College Campus has staff that are there to assist students when applying for financial aid. The College’s aim is to make the process as easy and uncomplicated as possible for our potential students.
If you have any queries regarding bursaries feel free to contact the Bursary Officer on the campus of your choice. They will be able to convey the correct and most up to date information you will need when applying for a busary.

Beaufort West Campus
Mr. D Demas
023 449 1104
Bitou Campus
Mrs M Barends
044 533 2388
George Campus
Mrs D Impondo
044 874 2360
Mossel Bay Campus
Me A Phillips
044 693 2613
Oudtshoorn Campus
Me R Jacobs
044 272 2110
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