Salt Essential IT Namibia Job Vacancies 2024-2025

Salt Essential IT Namibia Job Vacancies 2024-2025

Salt Essential IT Namibia Job Vacancies

A Few Words About Us

Salt is a remarkable thing. We get asked the same questions by new acquaintances. Is it an acronym? What does it stand for? Why name your company Salt?

Ever tried to cook a meal without salt? Salt is an essential ingredient that preserves, flavours and heals. Your business will operate better, make more money, and boast with happy employees, with Salt providing collaboration, connectivity and support services to your business. Salt’s services are crucial elements which allows your businesses to better service your customers. Our solutions empower your employees to work better and faster, from anywhere, at anytime. Our services also stabilizes your operations while increasing your bottom line. Salt is known to make the impossible possible for our Customers. Salt paves the way with innovative new technologies and IT solutions in our markets. Last but most definitely not least, the Salties are very proud to be part of the Salt family. To earn anything of value, you must be worth your Salt. To be worthy of our customers, is what we strive for every day. Our business enables yours. Salt is Essential IT.

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Contact Us

BRB Building, c/o AB May and Garten Sts, Windhoek | Tel: +264 61 433 9900 | Email:

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