Rhodes University Konrad Kulesza Award 

Rhodes University Konrad Kulesza Award

Applications are invited from prospective and current Postgraduates for the Konrad Kulesza Award for .

Konrad Kulesza Award

Value: R12 000.00


1. Participation in Martial arts:

  • At least 1 year of satisfactory training at one of three Rhodes Clubs (Aikido, Goju Ryu, Fanchento Kung Fu), if no suitable candidate applies, candidates from other Martial Arts clubs and other sports clubs can will be considered (in this order);
  • The holder should have the appropriate attitude to Martial Arts, have the requisite personal character and respect for other martial artists. The successful applicant should show an appreciation of the broader agenda connected with Martial Art, and follow the way of Bushido in one’s life.
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2. The holder should be an independent thinker, ideally someone involved in scientific studies and displaying research potential. Ideally the successful applicant should:

  • Be involved in the interdisciplinary research. Preferably joining a mathematical sciences (such as mathematics, computers science or statistics) with some humanities (i.e. history) or economics (especially macro-economics);
  • Show the clear potential to make a positive contribution to their field of study.

3. Race and gender of applicants will not be considered in the granting of the award.

4. If two applicants of equal strength and one is Polish descent, then the latter shall receive the award.


  1. Full curriculum vitae and academic record;
  2. Motivation letter;
  3. 2x referee letters: one from an Academic, the other from a martial arts instructor.
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Completed documents to be handed in at the Postgraduate Funding, Research Office, Room 206, Main Admin, no later than the 5 December .

Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.

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