Rhodes University Guy Butler Research Award

Rhodes University Guy Butler Research Award

Rhodes University invites all students with a strong academic record (grades 70% and above) who intend pursuing full-time Postgraduate studies , to apply for the Guy Butler Research Award.

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Guy Butler Application Form

Honours, Masters or PhD : Applicants must pursue research in one of the following fields:

English Language, English Literature, English-in-Education, South African English Drama, South African Journalism in English, Cultural studies focusing on English-related topics in Southern Africa and research in the area of English bilingualism, English as an additional language.

Period: Initially for one year, but renewable depending on satisfactory progress for a further year at Masters level and two years at Doctoral level.

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Tenable: Full-time attendance and registration at Rhodes University (Departments of English, English Languages and Linguistics and ISEA).

Value of awards:

Honours:  R45 000

Masters:   R60 000

Doctoral:   R80 000

Application procedure:

Submit a covering motivation letter with the application form, including information regarding proposed studies, a detailed academic CV (including email contact details of three academic referees) and a full academic transcript.

The completed application form needs to be emailed back to pgfunding@ru.ac.za or handed in at the office at Room 206, Main Admin Building, Rhodes University on or before the closing date.

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