PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) Bursaries 2024-2025

PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) Bursaries 2024-2025

The bursary scheme offered by Price Waterhouse Coopers is exceptional in all ways. PWC would like to see remarkably talented and extraordinary young people make an impact on life and would like to assist them in doing so. Students that excel at academics in School or University are welcome to apply for a bursary with PWC. The bursary amount will solely depend on the students’ needs and proof that he/she cannot cover all their tuition fees, accommodation and books. They do not, however, carry all the costs so you must be able to assist in some of the costs. These bursaries are for students who cannot afford all the costs that are needed to obtain a degree.


You must be able to work independently and as a team member and get along with all cultures and races easily. You will need a great and strong personality and show leadership skills. You need to be able to make things occur and be able to present your concepts visibly. If you would like to deliver assistance and advice in a broad market and love mathematics and accounting then a bursary with PWC is what you need.

PWC strives to open doors for the right candidates and give you the required skills to widen your work opportunities. You will gain skills to assist you where-ever you may find yourself in the future. They have already made a difference in the lives of over 245 candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds and might just be able to do the same for you. You will also be required to join them on a Training contract after you have completed your studies. Duration of ‘training contract’ will differ depending on your bursary.

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Study Fields
You can apply for a bursary if you are studying for undergraduate / postgraduate qualifications in the following degree courses:

  • Accounting
  • Management Engineering
  • Management
  • Science/ Mathematical Actuarial
  • Information Systems – BSc IS
  • Informatics – BCom-IT
  • Computer Science – BSc IT


To apply for a bursary with PWC you will need to have a valid South African ID and be a South African citizen.
For Grade 12 students they require the following

  • English as 1st or 2nd language on Level 6
  • Mathematics on Level 6
  • An overall average of 70 % or higher
  • You need to be committed to study as Chartered Accountant
  • You must want to study on a full-time basis at any SAICA accredited Institute
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For Undergraduate and Postgraduate student you require the following

  • You must currently be studying at a SAICA accredited Institute full time
  • If you study currently towards a CA qualification
  • If you are currently a postgraduate student you need to have an average of 70 % or higher for all subjects
  • If you are currently an undergraduate student you need to have an average of 60 % or higher for all subjects
  • You also need to prove you have strong leadership skills
  • You need to be able to assess situations
  • You need to be able to work independently and as part of a team
  • You need to be able to relay your thoughts and ideas clearly


You can do your bursaries online application here and also see what they have available:


To be able to apply for one of their amazing bursaries you need to create an account (free) on their site via the link provided and then complete the forms and send all relevant documents with to support your application. For additional information on their bursaries visit their About Our Bursaries page and their Bursary Programme page.

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PWC has different closing dates for the different locations. They are as follow:

  • KwaZulu-Natal – End of July
  • Central South Africa – End of August
  • Gauteng – End of December
  • Western Cape – Middle of August
  • Eastern Cape – End of October
  • North East South Africa – End of September

PWC is one of the top firms in South Africa and they provide amenities all over the world. Their clients can profit from their skills and they construct properly developed business solutions to all of their clients. They employ about 161 000 people in 154 different countries around the world. If you feel this is where you want to be and you have what it takes then apply for a bursary with PWC.

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