Ohlthaver and List ( O&L ) Bursaries

Ohlthaver and List ( O&L ) Bursaries

Bursaries & Study Loans

Bursaries: Operating companies in the O&L Group offer bursaries to students to study degrees in which the specific operating company has an operational need for. These Bursaries will enable successful students to join an accredited University to acquire a degree and all fees will be covered by the relevant operating companies. Bursary holders will be required to return to the operating company for employment for a specified period of time. Opportunities and information regarding bursaries will be advertised in the local media when available.
Study Loan Assistance to permanent employees of O&L: Every employee has the right to further development and equal opportunity for growth in the Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies. In order to add value, such development should be in line with the employee’s work. Any accredited study direction may be chosen as long as it is within the scope of the company’s business activities. The study loan facility enables permanent employees of O&L to finance such studies more easily. The company will provide financing for an employees’ studies in terms of all tuition fees, registration and study material for every year approved.

For Bursaries and Study Loans, please visit the O&L e-Recruitment website.

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