NWU Bursaries, Loans and Scholarships 2024-2025

NWU  Bursaries, Loans and Scholarships 2024-2025

North-West University NWU  Bursaries , Loans and Scholarships

NWU Undergraduate Bursaries , Loans and Scholarships

NSFAS Bursary/Loan

The object of the NSFAS loan scheme is to provide financial aid to students who have academic potential but lack the necessary funds to study.

Funza Lushaka Teaching  Bursary This bursary is awarded  to students who are South African citizens with at least one  of the following priority area specialization subjects included in the qualification:
  • Foundation phase (Grades R-3): Specialization in an Indigenous African Language
  • Intermediate and Senior Phase (Grades 4-9): Mathematics,NaturalScience or Technology
  • FET phase (Grades 10-12): Accounting,Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Technology,Civil Technology,Computer Applications Technology, Economics,Electrical Technology, Engineering Graphics and  Design, Geography, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanical Technology or Physical Sciences.
Academic Merit Bursary
  • A fulltime first-year, second-year or third-year student who meets the requirements, will receive the bursary automatically. No application form has to be completed.
  • Part-time contact, registered students must apply for the bursary. A qualifying student receives 50% of the standard allocation.
Family Discount This bursary is awarded to applicants that will be the second or third (etc) child of the same family studying at the NWU. Annual re-application on/before closing date is required:
  •  Second student: 15% off tuition fees
  •  Third student:     20% off tuition fees
  •  Fourth student:   25% off tuition fees etc.
Leadership Bursary
  • Only applicable for headboy/headgirl of school in Grade 12.
  • The student must already have obtained admission to the University before applying for the bursary.
  • This is a once-off bursary for first-year students and is awarded in the first year.
Support Bursary
  • The student must already have obtained admission to the University before applying for the bursary.
Arts and Culture Bursary
  • Arts and culture bursaries apply for one year only.
  • All  holders  of  arts  and  culture  bursaries  are  expected  to  involve  themselves  as  much  as  possible  in  the  arts and culture activities of the University.
  • Only individual achievements, not group achievements, are taken into account.
  • Achievements with regard to Olympiads and  Expos do not form part of these bursaries.
Ronel Emms (Rugby institute)
(018) 299 2429
Corene Middleton (other sports)
(018) 299 2905
Closing date for rugby and sports bursary applications is 15 October annually

NWU Postgraduate Bursaries , Loans and Scholarships

  • NWU Postgraduate Bursary scheme for Honours, Masters and Doctoral students
  • Compulsory: All students from the second year of the degree must attach the prescribed pogress report to the application
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NWU Postgraduate Merit Bursary

  • The academic record attached should be the final record of the preceding degree with a PASS result.
  • Apply irrespective if you have been approved by the faculty. If declined by the faculty, the bursary will be cancelled.

Postgraduate Research Bursaries


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