NSFAS Extended Grant Application

NSFAS Extended Grant Application

The new policy on free education will allow first year students to receive a fully paid grant from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

This is according to the statement released by President Jacob Zuma in December 2017.

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has confirmed that eligible students who have not yet applied for government funding will receive an extension.

However first-time students at Unisa will need to meet the following requirements before they can apply for financial aid.

Can I get a grant?

In order to qualify for the extended grant students at Unisa must:

  • Already be accepted to study at Unisa
  • Be registering at Unisa for the first time for an undergraduate qualification
  • Have no prior registration at a higher education institution
  • Have a combined annual household income that doesn’t exceed R350 000
  • Be a South African citizen
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When can I apply?

The closing date for Unisa students is 26 January. Students are invited to apply before then during Unisa’s registration period.

Where should I apply?

Go to the Unisa Extended Grant page to apply online or visit a Unisa regional office for assistance.

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