NSFAS Application Status Meaning

NSFAS Application Status Meaning

If you’ve applied for funding from NSFAS, they’ve probably told you what the status of your application is. But that can be quite confusing, and doesn’t always make clear what you need to do next. So let’s decode the application statuses so you can know what’s next for you.

What Does My NSFAS Application Status Mean?

Successfully Funded

Means: Application successfully processed and funding process has been completed.

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What you need to do: Register and attend Classes.


Eligible For Funding But, Awaiting Confirmation Of Academic Admission

Means: Applicant qualifies for funding, but we have not yet received admission confirmation from an institution. Until such time as admission has been confirmed, funding will not be approved.

What you need to do: Inform institution’s Financial Aid Office.


Verifying The Household Income With Third Party Sources

Means: We are still verifying the student’s household income with credit bureaus to confirm that the income declared is under the R350 000 threshold.

What you need to do: Wait. No action required.A message will be sent if funding is approved and academic admission is confirmed.

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Awaiting Evaluation

Means: The application has been received and needs to be assessed by a case worker at NSFAS to ensure that all information on the application has been correctly captured.

What you need to do: Wait. No action required. A message will be sent if funding is approved and academic admission is confirmed.

Application Unsuccessful

Means: Applicant’s household income is above the R350 000 threshold and therefore rejected. Or applicant has previous qualification and does not qualify for NSFAS. Or applicant has not been admitted to a university or TVET College.

What you need to do: No Action.


And there you have it! Do you understand your NSFAS application status now?

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