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2022-2023 NSFAF Awards List | Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund

2022-2023 NSFAF Awards List

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We congratulate all successful applicants and encourage them to continue working with the Fund until finalization of their award. For those who for some reason are meeting our requirements and are not on the list – NSFAF is validating your application as per individual request. Direct such requests to the following contact details:  awardqueries@nsfaf.na or 061-434 6013/12/83.

Awarded students who will start their academic year from August/September and are not yet in possession of proof of registration should notify the Fund at this e-mail address: awardqueries@nsfaf.na (please quote your NSFAF ID, Namibian ID, First Name and Surname).

Note: Successful candidates are encouraged to observe deadlines set and as communicated.

The Award List has been issued in alphabetical order of SURNAME

The following list of students considered for funding are subjected to the following conditions:

1) Student has registered for the current academic year, in the qualification as indicated in the application;
2) Combined Parental / Own income is within the Income Threshold.

Further information regarding uploading

“Proof of Registration” will be communicated directly through your application portal/e-mail.

NSFAF Awards 2022-2023

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