Nissan: Graduate / Internship Programme 2024-2025

Nissan: Graduate / Internship Programme 2024-2025

Nissan Graduate Trainee Programme

Location: Pretoria

Nissan is seeking talented, dynamic, ambitious, and inspired individuals to join their diverse graduate training programme within the Manufacturing Division. This is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a company that is constantly evolving, making progress, and aiming for excellence.

Available Positions:

  1. Marketing Graduate/Intern:
    • Qualification: BCom in Marketing or BCom in Business Management.
    • How to Apply: Apply online for the Nissan Marketing / Business Management Graduate / Internship Programme.
  2. Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Graduate/Intern:
    • Requirements: Practical 1 (P1) in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering. You will need to register for P2 with your university before a contract with Nissan can be signed.
    • Additional Requirement: All applicants must submit the most recent academic record/transcript.
    • How to Apply: Apply online for the Nissan P1/P2 Engineering Traineeship Programme.
  3. HR Graduate/Intern:
    • Qualification: BA in Human Resource or Bachelor of Training and Development.
    • How to Apply: Apply online for the Nissan Human Resource / Bachelor of Training and Development Graduate / Internship Programme.
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Skills, Competencies & Attributes:

  • Communication Skills: Proficiency in English (as this is the language of study).
  • Ability to Work with Your Hands.
  • Attributes: Teamwork, Reliability, Punctuality, Influence, Self-Motivation.

If you possess the qualities Nissan is seeking and are eager to contribute to a forward-moving company, consider applying for one of these graduate trainee positions. It’s a chance to develop your skills, gain valuable experience, and contribute to Nissan’s ongoing success. Apply Online

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