Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology Courses

Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology Courses

The objective of the Institute is to equip Namibians with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to take up positions as artisans within the mining, engineering, building and civil industries.
Training is presently provided in:

  • Fitting & Turning (including Machining): Arandis, Tsumeb and Keetmanshoop
  • Boilermaking/Plating/Welding: Arandis, Tsumeb and Keetmanshoop
  • Diesel-/Petrol Mechanics: Arandis, Tsumeb and Keetmanshoop
  • Electrical: Arandis, Tsumeb and Keetmanshoop
  • Instrumentation: Arandis only
  • Bricklaying/Plastering: Arandis and  Keetmanshoop
  • Carpentry/Joinery: Arandis
  • Plumbing/Sheetmetalwork: Arandis only
  • Refrigeration/Air-conditioning: Arandis only
  • Clothing Production: Arandis only
  • Millwright (Electrical) – Tsumeb only
  • Autotronics – Tsumeb only
  • Fitting: Arandis, Tsumeb and Keetmanshoop

As education and training should be provided for where the majority of the youth are, NIMT has also has centres in Tsumeb and Keetmanshoop.  These satellite campuses are called the NIMT Northern Campus (NNC) and the NIMT Southern Campus (NSC), but selection, financial and general administrative matters are done by the NIMT’s Head Office in Arandis.

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