NAMCOL Assignments 2017 / 2018

NAMCOL Assignments 2017 / 2018

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Assignments: Assignments are used to help the learners to master the subject contents, and to make a success of their studies. Learners are urged to do their best when answering assignments. Every year new assignments are prepared and learners receive these along with the study guides upon enrolment. Learners may only submit assignments for the current academic year. Assignments should be completed for every subject the learner enrolled for.
Due dates for submission of assignments in 2016 for Secondary Education:

  • Assignment 1: 30 March 2017
  • Assignment 2: 01 June 2017
  • Assignment 3: 13 July 2017  –  3rd Assignment:(Entrepreneurship) 20 June 2017
Due dates for submission of assignments in 2016 for English Communication Course:
  • Assignment 1:  30 March 2017
  • Assignment 2:  01 June 2017
  • Assignment 3:  13 July 2017
Assignments submitted after the deadlines will not be accepted by the tutors for marking.

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  1. I am just asking if namcol can not graduate twice a year like some other institution.

  2. I heard people did submit their assignments
    But still have mine and they are written to be due on 28 March will my assignment be accepted

    • Vistolina, kindly contact the NAMCOL registrars office

  3. I registered in oranjemund and I’m staying in windhoek. Can I send someone to hand in my assignments for me

    • Katalina, kindly contact the registrars office for inquiries.

  4. Can u guys please send my papers to okahandja.Cause i just apply in windhoek but am staying in okahandja.My name is Marwilles Adams and my ID number is working in okahandja at the brewery


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