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Mthashana FET College Bursary

Mthashana FET College Bursary

The Department of Higher Education and Training TVET Colleges Bursary Scheme has been established by the Department of Higher Education and Training to assist students who have the potential to succeed at NC(V) and
Report 191 programme, but would not be able to do so without financial aid.

When registering for a NC(V) and a Report 191 programme

• Collect an application form from relevant campus when
registering for a NC(V) or Report 191 programme.
• Complete the form and return it to the campus along with
all of the required documentation
• Ensure that you submit your form before the closing date
• Qualifying applicants will then be submitted to the
Mthashana College Bursary Committee for consideration.
Bursaries will be awarded based on financial need and
academic performance within the confines of the funds
allocated to the College by the Department of Higher
Education and Training.

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• 4 Certified copies of student ID
• 2 Certified copies of parent’s / guardian’s ID or death certificates
• 1 Certified copy of ID/ Birth Certificate for each dependent in the house
• 1 Certified copy of parent’s / guardian’s latest payslip, grant slip or affidavit as proof of income
• 1 Certified copy of highest qualification
• 1 Proof of residence
• Application or motivational letter written by an applicant applying for a bursary

*All programme offerings are subject to change without notice


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