List of NSFAS and NYDA Offices in Johannesburg

List of NSFAS and NYDA Offices in Johannesburg

17 Diagonal Street, Old JSE Building, Ground Floor, Newtown2001 – Johannesburg

For information on where to drop your form, please contact NSFAS or the NYDA head office on 0800 52 52 52
or visit here to download a full list of all branches.

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  1. A very good evening .My name is Siyabonga Mhlanga from Soweto at Zola .Last year I did apply for nsfas funds using the application of Dobsniville college or Campus and they gave me an account number for my nsfas I lost that account numbers. The college didn’t accept me last year because it was already full after I was given the nsfas account numbers which I have lost that numbers .This year I went back to that college at Dobsniville campus I did re apply and wrote a caps test I passed the test and fill in the form and they gave me another new account numbers for nsfas when I Punch that new nsfas account it declines and stating that this new account numbers is not the correct one there’s an old account numbers which is still active on my name I must use those account numbers which I have lost it after I was turned down by the college Even the college they didn’t help me I was told to Google the nsfas student portal and I did that and when I log on and punching the new account numbers it enquirers the old account numbers which state that the old account numbers is still active . Can you please help me because I would like to attend the college and paper work is done . The college said my mother can pay for my studies and which she cannot afford to pay for my studies. Where can I go to be help . Should I go to nsfas offices in Johannesburg to be assist regarding my nsfas account because I live in Soweto can you please help me.Thank you


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