List of Marketing Internships in South Africa

List of Marketing Internships in South Africa

Marketing Internships

Do you enjoy spending time with people, and socializing, learning new things constantly as well as all things to do with marketing, whether it is Television, Radio, Magazines or the Internet?
Do you have a great talent, are you motivated and energetic?
If this is you, then marketing is the field you need to pursue.
This industry is known to be highly competitive, but also extremely rewarding. If your dreams are within this industry, look for a company best suited to your abilities and qualifications. Candidates will learn extremely beneficial skills within this industry. They will work with experts in each field, and they may learn many acquire many added abilities. Candidates can be required to work with clients, delivering, research, design, organization, communications and even exchanges.
There is a wide variety of occupations to consider within this industry, with an abundant demand in most.

Marketing Internships Available

Candidates looking to follow this career field has a couple of options available to them.
Field may include the following:

  • Direct Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Management
  • Client Relations
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Product Management
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Event Management and Marketing
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Consumer Culture
  • Diversity marketing
  • Network Marketing

Some of the companies that offer internships within the marketing field are as follow:


Marketing Internship Requirements

Each company has their own conditions, and candidates will have to meet their explicit requirements in order to apply. Most companies are preferably seeking candidates under the age of 30 to 35.