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2021-2022 IUM Namibia Postgraduate Applications

2021-2022 IUM Namibia Postgraduate Applications

Postgraduate Degree Programmes
In order to be admitted to a postgraduate degree programme at the International University of Management (IUM), prospective students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have the relevant Bachelor Honours degree in the upper class division or equivalent from a reputable university, institution, or institute/organization OR have the requisite degree for the intended programme by the time they are matriculated.
  • Must have obtained such professional qualifications or membership of professionall institutions deemed equivalent to a diploma or first degree by the IUM Higher Degrees Committee and approved by the IUM Senate
  • Must have obtained an undergraduate degree in any discipline from IUM and/or from another recognised university or institution of Higher Learning.
  • Additional qualifications and work experience may be required from all candidates.
  • 2.75 Or higher GPA on the last 60 semester credits or 65% pass rate
  • 3 letters of recommendations from university senior lecturers/professors.
  • A two-page motivation write-up on why the candidate intends to join the Master`s programme
  • Students with first Masters degrees will follow the standard admission requirements stipulated in these regulations.
  • Admissions shall be once a year, in January
  • Students may be required to sit for a Graduate English Examination (GEE) before admission.
  • The exam will be set, marked and administered by the School of Postgraduate Studies.
  • Departments may have additional requirements.

IUM Admission Scale

1 G G 06-07 50
2 F F 08-09 94
3 E E 10-11 67
4 D G D 12-13 50
5 C F C 14-15 94
6 B E B 16-17 E
7 4 A D A 18-20 D
8 3 A* C C
9 2 B B
10 1 A A

Application Forms

Application forms are available at IUM Campuses and they can be downloaded here :

Undergraduate 2019

Application Submission

The application deadline shall be the end of October of each year.



Bank Details

  • Bank Name : Bank Windhoek
  • Beneficiary Name: IUM-Book Fund
  • Branch Name : Kudu Branch, Windhoek
  • Branch Code : 482172
  • Account Number : 3000338051

NB: Please ensure that the student Name/Number is clearly indicated on the deposit slip and a copy must be provided or Faxed to (061) 257908.


  • All students [Non-degree, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Research must register each year in January/February.
  • Postgraduate Research Students shall be supervised ONLY if they are registered.

Attach the following:

The following documents must included in the application:

  • Two copies of certified grade 12 (Grade 10 for mature entry )
  • Copy of Birth Certificate, ID or Passport
  • One Passport size photo
  • Reference letter from the employer indicating years of work experience and responsibilities.

Please Note:

  • Non – Namibian qualifications must be evaluated by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA).
  • Applicants seeking exemptions for prior studies should apply before registration.
  • All copies submitted with application form must be certified.
  • Candidates who obtain a Grade E in English shall be admitted provisionally until they pass the university’s six-months to one year Upgrade course in English in Practice.
  • Please refer to the faculty of your choice for any special entry requirements.

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