DUT NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025

DUT NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025

DUT NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025
DUT NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025

Welcome to nsfasapplication.org.za, where you will find details on how to apply for the Durban University of Technology DUT NSFAS Student aid for 2024-2025. The NSFAS loan is a government backed initiative aimed at supporting academically sound students in financial need. The loan caters for a students tuition fees, accommodation, books, registration and extra funds for personal upkeep.

It should be noted that a student is expected to make some contribution towards their tuition fees, this amount is determined by NSFAS. During loan distribution, NSFAS determines how much a student receives, thus minimum and maximum amounts are determined by NSFAS.

During application, students are advised to Fully fill and proof read their submission to ensure all details provided are accurate. Failure to do this can result in a rejected application.

Note: NSFAS IS NOT a bursary scheme.  It is a study loan from government of which a portion may be converted to a bursary based on excellent academic achievement. 

Durban University of Technology NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025

 Application Process for Bursaries / NSFAS Loans
• Only full-time registered students are allowed to complete and submit the application form for financial aid.
• The Forms are available from the Financial Aid Department.

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• NSFAS loans are government loans that are allocated to all tertiary institutions with the proviso that it is awarded to financially needy and academically deserving students.
• Low Interest on NSFAS loans will be calculated, and is tied to the inflation rate.
• You will be expected to make your own/family contribution towards the total costs of your studies.
• Up to 40% of the loan may be converted to a bursary dependent on your year-end results.
• All NSFAS students must re-apply for the loan before the 31 August of the current year for the following new academic year

Before proceeding to apply online, students must have the following documents at their disposal. 

  • Certified copy of ID document /passport of student / mother / father /guardian / wife /husband
  • Original / certified copy of pay- slips / pension slip for both parents/guardian /spouse (these should not be older than three (3) months)
  • In the case of deceased parents, attach certified death Certificates
  • If parents are divorced, attach a copy of the decree of divorce
  • If parents / guardian / spouse are self-employed, attach a copy of the latest financial statement
  • If parents are unemployed, attach sworn affidavits accompanied by a report from a social worker , religious leader /traditional leader or Council
  • An amount for income must be provided on all affidavits
  • If parents are separated, attach pay-slips of both and an official letter from the social worker or religious leader confirming the separation
  • Certified copy of previous degree or diploma certificate
  • If you are currently in in-service training, attach pay – slip or provide the University with proof from your employer stating whether your study leave is paid or unpaid
  • ID copies / birth certificates or letters from school of other family members
  • Proof of registration for sibling at other tertiary institutions
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Now that you know the required documents, lets proceed to how you Can apply for the University of Pretoria UP NSFAS Online 

In order to access the NSFAS Online application form, students will have to create a Mynsfas Account. Below are steps on how to create an account and apply online.


DUT NSFAS Application Closing Date

• Returning Students/Continuing Students: 31 August of the current academic year
• New First Year Students: 5 February of the current academic year
• New Semester Students: 31 August of the current academic year

Durban Institute of Technology DUT NSFAS Contact Details

Financial Aid
Tel: 031 373 2553 (Dbn)
Tel: 033 845 8890 (Midlands)

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Call Centre: 0860 10 31 94 (sharecall)
Durban Switchboard: 031 373 2000
Midlands Switchboard: 033 845 8800
E-mail: info@dut.ac.za
P O Box 1334, Durban 4000

DUT NSFAS Online Application

DUT NSFAS Application Form

DUT NSFAS Application Status

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