Office of the Namibia Auditor-General Vacancies

Office of the Namibia Auditor-General Vacancies

Employment opportunities

The Office of the Auditor-General serves as an independent source of impartial information concerning
state and local government entities and provides specific  recommendations to improve the operations
of those entities, it is fact-based information that Parliament needs to fulfil one of its most important roles;
holding the Namibian government accountable for its stewardship of public funds.

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Our Training Programmes

The Office of the Auditor-General Namibia’s annual training programme includes:
Trainees are subjected to a 2 year in-service/ on the job-training which includes a robust and intense
Internal Functional Training Course (IFTC)  that requires a pass rate of 70% before the Auditor can
be conferred with the powers to execute the duties & responsibilities of the  Auditor-General on
his/her behalf.

  • Compulsory training course for Assistant Auditors in Government budgeting, accounting, audit methodology, etc.
  • The examination pass mark is 70%;
  • Basic performance training
  • Advance/refresher courses in financial and performance audits.
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