Namibia Training Authority Vacancies

Namibia Training Authority Vacancies

As the regulating body of the Vocational Education and Training sector in Namibia, the Namibia Training Authority is entrusted with the effective regulation and funding of the provision of Vocational Education and Training in our country.
The NTA contributes to the establishment of an effective and sustainable system of skills formation aligned with the needs of the labour market and which provides the skills required for accelerated development. In this system, competencies are developed that are needed for productive work and increased standards of living. Moreover, the NTA promotes access, equity and quality in Vocational Education and Training.

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Contact Information

NTA Village, 10 Rand Street,
P.O. Box 70407, Khomasdal,
Windhoek, Namibia
Phone : +264 61 2078 550

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Namibia Training Authority Vacancies

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  1. Hi
    Please update me with all the vacancies, I have a Level 3 certificate in food and beverage.

  2. I am Hilma kashaka, I have completed N6 (National Diploma ) in the field of electrical engineering specializing in instrumentation from Tshwane south college in 2015.I have also two working experience I traffic signals systems management at city of Tshwane municipality of south Africa. Since completing my study in,I have been preparing to enter the employment market but proved to be difficult. I’m writing to express interest in doing my prectical training at your institution if you can offer.


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