AREVA Resources Namibia Vacancies

AREVA Resources Namibia Vacancies

The AREVA group is present in Namibia through its subsidiary AREVA Resources Namibia, which is working in the region of Swakopmund.
This subsidiary was in the process of developing the Trekkopje mining project, located 70 km northeast of Swakopmund in the desert region of Erongo, until 2013. However, owing to the downward trend in uranium prices, AREVA postponed the start-up of mining and mothballed all the installations there at that time.

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AREVA Resources Namibia
PO Box 585
Swakopmund, Namibia
+ 264 64 415 720
+ 264 81 129 88 15
+ 264 81 299 09 45

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  1. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician
    Power Plant Maintenance
    Power Generator Maintenance

  2. Electrical Engineering
    Maintenance and technician


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