De Beers Bursaries 2024-2025

De Beers Bursaries 2024-2025

The very first diamond found in South Africa was in 1866. The De Beers Company has been around the world since 1888. De Beers mines and develops diamonds and have more than 120 years of experience in this field. They are the world’s biggest diamond reserve and also have the world’s largest diamond resources. They give life to diamonds and make the world sparkle.

Their expertise is superior and they have the most sufficient diamond processing technology available today. They are the experts in their field and have centuries of skill backing them. They aim to improve economic progress and supportable development. They believe strongly in protecting the ecosystem and plan their mines thoroughly. They promote the use of citizens in all levels of the company and are proud to provide you with bursary programs in order to achieve these goals.

If you love diamonds, the mining and processing of this rare commodity you will be an ideal candidate. They roughly employ 23,000 people throughout their operations and have companies in Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa. They are also proud partners of BBE and strive for equality in all fields of operations. They also promote justifiable working to ensure progressive advancement in Africa.

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Their bursaries offer you the following:

  • Full Registration
  • All Examination fees
  • Your Accommodation
  • Your Meals
  • Required Books
  • Pocket money
  • Computer allowance on a three-year study course

You will be required to work one year of service for the company for each year of study. This means if your studies take 2 years you will be required to work for the De Beers Company for 2 years. The company offers four different bursaries available, Bridging Program, Vocational Bursary, Extractive Metallurgy and Mining Engineering.

Study Fields

If you are keen on studying Engineering, Science or Commerce then the De Beer Group of Companies might be what you are looking for. These are the options they offer.


  • BEng / BSc for Chemical
  • BEng / BSc for Mining
  • BEng / BSc for Electrical (Heavy Current)
  • BEng / BSc for Mechanical


  • BSc in Math
  • BSc in Physics
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • BSc in Metallurgy (Extractive)
  • BSc in Geology
  • BSc in Software Development


  • BCom in CA Stream
  • BCom in Accounting Major ( Previously Disadvantaged Citizens Only)

If a need arises within the company, De Beers will also offer bursaries to students in the 2nd or 3rd year currently studying the subjects that are needed. If you are studying at any University or the University of Technology in South Africa, and would like to know more about the availability you can find out from your institute if they can enquire about open bursaries available or visit the De Beers online website. Keep in mind that this bursary also has an employment agreement.

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Students wanting to apply for one for the De Beers Companies bursaries will require the following:


  • English with at least a 60% pass
  • Mathematics HG with at least a 60% pass
  • Science HG with at least a 60% pass
  • You need to be a South African Citizen
  • A Passport size Photo ( head & shoulders)
  • A valid South African ID

You will need to produce a CV, current academic records and your matric certificate and also apply at your university for entrance.


You have to apply at the institute of your choice for entrance and it is recommended that you apply by more than just one, at least, two. You cannot apply for bursaries online, but applications can be downloaded from here:


Print the forms out and fill it in and together with your other documents send them the bursaries application form using registered mail to ensure that they receive all the documents safely.

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Send to: De Beers Bursaries, P.O. Box 30632, Braamfontein, 2017, South Africa.


Closing date for these bursaries is usually the middle June and/or end of July of each year for the different bursary options. So if you are planning on trying for a bursary with De Beers you will have to apply before June or July each year. Applicants that are awarded bursaries will start with studies the following year. It is better though to apply as soon as possible and thus ensuring that you have sent the documents in on time.

Have you ever heard the saying “The early bird catches the worm” well it is true.

De Beers company bursary selection process will be done via two interviews. They offer students a great education and firm work offer. De Beers company technology is at the frontline and they are dedicated to creating a greater future.

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