CUT NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025

CUT NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025

Central University of Technology CUT Online Application

Are you a student with an interest for the Central University of Technology CUT NSFAS Application for ?,  in order to realize your goal of studying for your first or second degree? or a continuing student in need of financial assistance? then you are at the right place. On this page is a highlight of all you need to know prior to and after your NSFAS Application. Students are encouraged to apply for the Central University of Technology CUT NSFAS bursary as early as possible, keeping in mind that late applications are never accepted, except on special occasions where application deadlines are extended. 

As a note of caution, double check to ensure that details you’ve provided are accurate and correct, this is because NSFAS is not liable for any misinformation or missing documents. In the occurrence of erroneous or missing documents, students chances of approval are highly reduced.

The UP NSFAS Applications are centralized with NSFAS. Meaning processing and administration is not handled by the university.

NSFAS Application Process

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) handles all NSFAS Applications.

What does this mean for prospective students?

  1. CUT will not accept applications on or on Bloemfontein and Welkom campuses.
  2. Students who have never received NSFAS funding must apply online.
  3. All new applications (matriculants) must be submitted directly to NSFAS online.
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What does this mean for current students?

  1. CUT will not administer the NSFAS financial aid scheme on campuses.
  2. All students who have signed their Loan Agreement Forms (LAF) or Schedule of Particulars (SOP) for 2016 and are currently receiving NSFAS funding must update their information online and confirm that they are on the system.
  3. Log onto and create the MyNSFAS account to verify your details.

What does the mean for students who were previously funded but not in the current academic year?

All students who were previously funded by NSFAS but didnt receive any funding need to reapply.

Already submitted NSFAS Application Form to a University or TVET college?

  1. Matriculants who have already submitted their NSFAS applications to any university or TVET college must not reapply. The institution will send your application directly to NSFAS Head Office.
  2. Log onto and create the MyNSFAS account to verify your details.

Funding will be granted provided the funded student meets the NSFAS academic requirements

Opening and Closing dates

Grade 12 and past matriculants 01 August – 30 November
  • Currently funded students
  • Students who were not previously funded or not funded 
01 September – 30 November


From 01 August, all paper applications forms can be sent to NSFAS Head Office in Cape Town

Application Forms

Before proceeding to apply online, students must have the following documents at their disposal. 

  • Certified copy of ID document /passport of student / mother / father /guardian / wife /husband
  • Original / certified copy of pay- slips / pension slip for both parents/guardian /spouse (these should not be older than three (3) months)
  • In the case of deceased parents, attach certified death Certificates
  • If parents are divorced, attach a copy of the decree of divorce
  • If parents / guardian / spouse are self-employed, attach a copy of the latest financial statement
  • If parents are unemployed, attach sworn affidavits accompanied by a report from a social worker , religious leader /traditional leader or Council
  • An amount for income must be provided on all affidavits
  • If parents are separated, attach pay-slips of both and an official letter from the social worker or religious leader confirming the separation
  • Certified copy of previous degree or diploma certificate
  • If you are currently in in-service training, attach pay – slip or provide the University with proof from your employer stating whether your study leave is paid or unpaid
  • ID copies / birth certificates or letters from school of other family members
  • Proof of registration for sibling at other tertiary institutions
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Now that you know the required documents, lets proceed to how you Can apply for the University of Pretoria UP NSFAS Online 

In order to access the NSFAS Online application form, students will have to create a Mynsfas Account. Below are steps on how to create an account and apply online.

Apply online: | E-mail: | Fax: 086 644 2822

Postal: The 2017 Online Applications, NSFAS Loans & Bursaries Department, Private Bag X4, Plumstead, 7801

CUT NSFAS Application Status

You can check your application status by visiting and loging into your mynsfas Account with the username ID and password you were provided with when you created the account.

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If your status reads ” Provisionally Funded” kindly contact University of Pretoria UP for assistance.

All enquiries must be directed towards NSFAS, since they are the central administrators of the scheme.

CUT NSFAS Application Closing Date

The closing dates for applications is 30th November. All students are encouraged to apply before this date since late applications wont be accepted.

Contact us

Bloemfontein Campus

Offices on Bloemfontein Campus

Fees and  Financial Aid (NSFAS and Bursaries Office) is situated in the Lapeng Building, ground floor (behind CUT FM).

Office Numbers: D17, D18, D19, D20 and D21


Mrs K Wilbraham | E-mail:

Mr M Klassen | E-mail:


Mrs L Scwebu | E-mail:

Student Accounts (balances, quotations, results)

Ms K Wilbraham | Tel: +27(0)51 507 3334 | E-mail:

Bank deposits (Banking Details)

Ms B Beckman | E-mail:

Switchboard tel: +27(0)51 507 3911

Welkom Campus

Student Accounts (balances, quotations, results)

Ms Nketa Leteane | Tel: +27(0)57 910 3661 | E-mail:

Bursaries and Loans

Mrs E Taka | Tel: +27(0)57 910 3663 | E-mail:

Ms N Leteane | Tel: +27(0)57 910 3661 | E-mail:


CUT NSFAS Online Application

CUT NSFAS Application Form

CUT NSFAS Application Status

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