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Aurecon Bursaries Program 2021-2022

Aurecon Bursaries Program 2021-2022 Aurecon provides financial aid for passionately driven individuals with innovativeness to become great leaders in the Engineering field.  Their bursary program offers top performing students and scholars the opportunity to gain an Engineering Degree at a number of recognized Universities.  They invest in a range of bursary programs that are awarded yearly to deserving… Read More »

Anglo Platinum Ltd Bursaries 2021-2022

Anglo Platinum Ltd Bursaries 2018 -2019 Anglo American Platinum is the leader in the world’s platinum industry and also one of the largest mine concerns in South Africa. There is a wide range of career choices with Anglo Platinum Limited but not all of them over outstanding bursaries. Their bursary packages offer not only the financials needed to… Read More »

Allan Gray Bursaries 2021-2022

Allan Gray Bursaries 2021-2022 Allan Gray strives to help financially strained pupils to complete their high school education by placing qualifying candidates at their partner placement schools.  Candidates that show an innovative business potential that can prove they need financial support will be considered for these bursaries.  This bursary program helps pupils develop their full potential as to… Read More »

AfriSam Bursaries 2021-2022

AfriSam Bursaries 2021-2022 Are you motivated and talented with a bright future, yet financial worries are preventing you from completing your education? We all know that studying is expensive and not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford further study. The AfriSam bursaries Program offers selected candidates that have the potential an opportunity to complete their… Read More »

AAUW Bursaries in South Africa 2017 – 2021-2022

AAUW Bursaries in South Africa Since 1881 AAUW has been empowering women all over the world. In South Africa, women have a constitutional right, yet they are still faced daily with barriers of violence and inequality of a slowly changing male hierarchical culture. Therefore, women still have many challenges to overcome in South Africa. This phenomenal organization touches… Read More »