Burmeister and Partners ( Pty) Ltd Namibia Bursaries

Burmeister and Partners ( Pty) Ltd Namibia Bursaries


1.1 Financial support will be given to full-time candidates who wish to study in the fields of Civil, Structural, Mechanical or Electrical engineering at any recognised university in the SADC region, particularly in the Republic of South Africa.
1.2 The allocation of these bursaries will be based on the achievement potential and needs of the student.
1.3 A legal and binding contract between Burmeister and Partners and the student will be signed.


2.1 Applicants must be Namibian citizens;
2.2 Academic performance must be satisfactory (e.g. qualify for admission to study engineering at a recognised South African university)
2.3 A change of study course requires a reapplication for a bursary;
2.4 A bursary is allocated for one study year, but is renewable annually subject to satisfactory academic progress;
2.5 Bursars will be required to work for Burmeister and Partners on completion of their studies for the period specified in the bursary contract, provided jobs are available. Failure to comply with this condition wholly or in part will require full or pro-rata repayment of the bursary and parents/guardians are to sign a surety to this extent.
2.6 Bursars are required to provide at least two progress reports per academic year on their academic performance. Any problems they may encounter including those related to accommodation, should also be reported on.

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A bursary includes:
3.1 Registration and tuition fees payable directly to the institution of learning;
3.2 Board and lodging at the institution of learning (private board & lodging not to exceed institution rates);
3.3 Book and stationary allowance and educational equipment. In case the bursary amount exceeds the tuition and residential fees, such amount will be paid to the student and can be used as spending money. The bursary has an annual maximum limit and the student is liable for expenses beyond this amount.

Submit bursary application to:

The General Manager, Burmeister & Partners PTY (Ltd)
8 Eugene Marais Street, PO Box 1496, Windhoek
Tel: +264-61-379 000, Fax:+264-61-379 001
Download Application Form

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