BRICS Multilateral Joint Science and Technology Research Grants 2018

BRICS Multilateral Joint Science and Technology Research Grants 2018

National Research Foundation (NRF) and BRICS Ministers of Science and Technology are delighted to offer its BRICS Multilateral Joint Science and Technology Research Grants. The funds are available for South African applicants.
The aim of the funds is to provide an opportunity for emerging researchers in the BRICS countries to meet and interact and to support the advancement of basic research.
National Research Foundation (NRF) is the intermediary agency between the policies and strategies of the Government of South Africa and South Africa’s research institutions.
Course Level: Funds are available to pursue research.
Study Subject: Funds are awarded in the following fields:

  • Biotechnology and biomedicine including human health and neuroscience.
  • Information technologies and high-performance computing.
  • Material science including nanotechnology.
  • New and renewable energy, and energy efficiency.
  • Prevention and monitoring of natural disasters.
  • Water resources and pollution treatment.

Scholarship Award: Funds will cover the following:

  • Research-related costs – activities to be supported may include expenses relating to field work such as conducting interviews, research-related trips, publication costs and research equipment (small equipment – 10 % of the budget).
  • Exchange programmes – mobility of researchers, postdocs and doctoral students between the partnering BRICS countries.
  • Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research Placements – for visits not shorter than 2 weeks and not longer than 6 months per annum; with flexibility to split the placements into several shorter visits.
  • Knowledge sharing costs – in support of project-related activities, such as joint workshops, seminars, conferences, symposia, lecturer presentations, meetings, local and regional dissemination of results to relevant stakeholders.
  • Consumables – 10% of the budget is allowed for consumables and accessories.
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Number of Scholarships: Not Known
Scholarship can be taken in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa
Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • This call is open to working researchers residing in South Africa and affiliated with a recognised higher education or research institution such as a university, university of technology or science council.
  • The South African applicant must be in possession of a PhD.
  • A multi-institutional/ consortia approach will be preferred. Therefore, applicants are allowed to collaborate with other partners such as NGOs or companies. However, the NGOs and industry participants are expected to meet their participation costs in the joint project.

Nationality: South African applicants are eligible to apply for the funds.
College Admission Requirement
Entrance Requirements: Applicants must have a PhD.
English Language Requirements: Applicants must be fluent in English.
South Africa Scholarship
How to Apply: Applicants can apply via online:

  • Applications must be submitted to the BRICS Call Secretariat and to each of the respective funding organisations in BRICS countries according to national regulations. Therefore, the same proposal to be received in South Africa should have been received by the BRICS Call Secretariat and the other BRICS partner countries (through their national rules). The expectation is that applicants will, amongst themselves, appoint a Project Coordinator whose responsibility will be to act as a point of contact between the project members and the Call Secretariat as well as to submit a Joint Application Form (JAF) to the Call Secretariat by 28 November 2017.
  • BRICS Call Secretariat:
  • Applicants are expected to download the Joint Application Form (JAF) available at and submit to BRICS Call Secretariat.
  • The project coordinator must submit the JAF to the BRICS Call Secretariat through the online BRICS STI Framework Programme Application Management System (AMS) by 28 November 2017.
  • A proposal not received by the BRICS Call Secretariat and by each of the respective funding organisations by the due date will not be considered for funding.
    South African applicants should further submit their applications by following the steps below:
  • The South African PI must submit a full joint proposal electronically to the NRF through the NRF Online Submission System at
  • Register/Login using your ID/ passport number and password.
  • Go to “My Applications” and select “Create Application”.
  • Select the call for which you are applying for: BRICS Multilateral Joint Science & Technology Research Collaboration 2018.
  • Complete all compulsory sections and the CV sections in full. Please attach the required documents in PDF format in the following order: CVs of partners, budgets of partners, signed support letters of the partners, student exchange programme plan and proof of application to Call Secretariat. Failure to submit compulsory documents will result in the disqualification of the application.
  • Remember to submit your application on completion.
  • Complete applications will go to the host institutions for verification before being forwarded to the NRF for further processing.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be considered.
  • Please contact your research office or Designated Authority if you have any queries.
  • Applications submitted outside the NRF Online Submission System will not be accepted.
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No hard copies will be accepted and will automatically be disqualified by the NRF.

  • Only applications endorsed by the research office or its equivalent at higher education or research institutions will be accepted.

Application Form
Online Application
Application Deadline: The application deadline is December 1, 2017.
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