Assistance for Women and Women Refugees

Assistance for Women and Women Refugees

Assistance for Women and Women Refugees:
The International Federation of University Women is offering limited financial assistance for women and women refugees who have mostly or fully completed their university degrees, and who need further training in language or professional practices in order to find employment in their new country.
Small grants are designed to help some already qualified women get established faster in their new environment, so that they can then support their families and get involved to encourage their less fortunate ‘sisters’.
This assistance is open to refugee graduate women anywhere in the world.
The grants are usually around $US1000 and are intended as short-term help for a woman to get a few necessary courses or certification so that she can work as a professional.
The women must have valid refugee status in their new country; and are not available to those who are waiting to be processed or to be sent back to their country of origin.
They must have permission to study (and eventually, to work) in their new country of residence, and be legally recognized.
The Coordinator:
Marian Ennis,
IFUW Hegg Hoffet Fund,
568 Palisade Drive,
North Vancouver, BC,
Canada V7R 2J1.
Tel: +1 604 985 4304.
Email: Marian Ennis.
For further information see; Assistance for Women and Women Refugees

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