Africa University Scholarships

Africa University Scholarships

Africa University Scholarships: The Public Sector Management Training Programme (PSMTP) is an innovative Master’s degree in Public Sector Management.
It provides both graduate and short term professional training in Public sector Management.
The graduate programme consists of Masters which is offered at Africa University (in Zimbabwe) and the short term professional training component offered at four Management Development Institute (MDI) in Lesotho, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.
Africa Scholarships – Entry Requirements

  • A good university degree (equivalent professional qualifications obtained by formal study and examination and recognized as a degree equivalent by the Africa University Senate) and 4 years of relevant post-qualification work experience
  • Be a middle-level professional or manager employed by a government or state enterprise located in Eastern or Southern Africa
  • Has permission from his/her employer; and Competence in basic Mathematics not below GCE “O” level shall be an added advantage.Africa Scholarships Work-Study
    All students receiving financial assistance are expected to work in any of the University’s units for a specified number of hours a week as a token of appreciation for the award.
    Currently those working outdoors are expected to work for two hours a week and those working indoors work for four hours a week.
    Closing Date: 26th July.
    For more information and scholarship application materials, see: Africa University Scholarships
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